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Americana Highways Review of "Brokenland"

“His stories are sprinkled with wisdom…the songs deal with reality more often than not…one of the strongest ‘A Tired Old Theme,’ has a savory melodic instrumentation framed by Warrick’s determined tale in a John Hiatt manner. . . It holds on to a folky aesthetic, but deeper than folk. There’s a precision to the words, married to the melodies like the love between two people you thought hated one another…he has a voice that exemplifies having lived. The songs have a motivation driven by experience…The songs aren’t written with a mainstream commerciality curve. They’re not downers — but laid out with a sense of importance idealistically & with a satisfying sound assimilated by Judd’s personal style…On ‘Carry On,’ Judd even flexes his Rod Stewart balladry muscle…There are many topics & subjects a songwriter can dig his pen into & Judd Warrick has such a vision.”

--John Apice, Americana Highways, May 27, 2024



Here is the compelling new single from Judd Warrick.  ‘Into the Dawn’ features an excellent vocal performance from Warrick – there’s just the right amount of weary grit in his voice, an edge to his melodic, soulful delivery that feels authentic and emotional and captures our attention.  One of the real highlights here is the exquisite lap steel solo from Evan Coulombe – it flows beautifully from the song’s tuneful currents, while Melanie Shore supplies depth on the Hammond B3 Organ, Wurlitzer and piano.  Scott Wiley (Imagine Dragons, The Killers) adds bass and took on production duties.  The video for ‘Into the Dawn’, directed by Cameron Gade, is artistically shot and edited, giving us a glimpse of the performers at work in the studio.

                                    - Andrew Frolish

Americana UK Magazine

Most of Judd's songs come from a melancholy place. “Fascination Die” is uncharacteristically upbeat. It speaks to hope and the excitement of exploring someone’s heart at the beginning of a relationship. What begins as a simple step-down chord progression becomes more powerful when Evan Coulombe adds his iconic pedal steel licks, and Melanie Shore comes in with her solid Hammond B3 organ parts. Now, it’s an upbeat, uplifting wall of sound. Judd says, “I’m incredibly proud of the song and grateful for the growth and wisdom I gained from its evolution.”

-Melanie Clarke

Americana Highways Magazine

"Judd Warrick takes us on a journey down a road of poignant memories, revealing the struggle of love lost and freedom found. This gifted songwriter and performer’s contemplative sentiment radiates with effusive intent and forlorn realms of what love means. Warrick’s best qualities are rooted in gritty vocals that add depth and emotion to his heartfelt lyrics. This collection of singer/songwriter ballads shares a connective tissue that holds your breath and liberates your next. Warrick’s music burns against a lone guitar revealing captivating stories that build suspense you won’t forget anytime soon.” 

                                          -K. Fort, 

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