1. Of Angels


Looking back then, he had no clue
He couldn’t even speak of what he was going through
She said it laughing, but she spoke truth
She was honest, she was anxious, she wanted you
Like he’d gained a second sight
Seeing a whole new world with brand new stars in a different light
He’s been holding on, holding tight; he’s seeing Angels tonight

Slow to buy in, couldn’t understand
Investing in a heart that paid no dividends
Then he beheld her, and he witnessed truth,
He would be lying if he wasn’t trying to get next to you
Not like any other night
Holding hands walking down the street, no fear of fight or flight
He’s holding on for dear life, walking with Angels tonight

Life is cruel; it never seems to go the right way
Holding something in your hands to have it gone the next day
She earned her angel wings and flew away
Now I’m haunted, left wanting, never learning
love is flawed and gone without a cause

Looking back when her wings first grew
She didn’t want to bend your mind or worry you
You couldn’t listen when she told you
She wasn’t lying; she had been dying would be flying soon

It's hard to suddenly go blind
Stumbling in the dark, your eyes have grown accustomed to her light
Slowing down heart is dying
Dreaming of Angels tonight
Tonight, hey
Tonight, hey

Love will knock you down, it’ll leave you in pain
Addicted to the Angel blood flowing through your veins
She had to earn her wings to fly away

And I’m haunted, unwanted,
Abandoned, despondent, discarded
I am flawed and I’m left here all alone.