1. Meant To Be


In that old motel outside Midway
I would’ve worn a stamp to mail myself away
That 2-week notice look in her eye
Let me know my heart had come there to die

I’m headed home alone

V-8 engine, purring fine
But can it get me to that Arizona line
While on my way back, I fought to say
That she never looked at me the same way
I’m headed home, I’m goin home, yeah

I guess I’ll finally be alone yeah like it was meant to be

Her leaving started at 29
Tappin out was just a matter of her time
The grass was greener on that boy’s side
But will he keep rowing out on the morning tide

He’s headed home, she’s all alone…

It feels like the darkness has fallen
Headlights, my loneliness calling
Once I cross that borderline
I guess we won’t be slow-dancing

Yeah, I guess I’ll finally be, alone yeah
Like it was meant to be

She leaves, she runs
When She sees he’s done

That same old motel, it’s me this time
As I stare into a greener pair of eyes
I see her walk in and stop on a dime
As she turns and walks away, rage blind

She’s headed home; She’s going home

It feels like the darkness has fallen
Headlights: her loneliness calling
Once upon a borderline
She gave up on our slow-dancing

I guess she’ll finally be alone, yeah
Like it was meant to be
She’s headed home alone