1. Wake The Dead


Carry me over that mountain
Bury me in the trees
Drag me across that state line
Let my battered bones breathe

Girl, get moving on with your life
You’ve still got a lot to be
But, you’re carrying around my ashes
On the dash of my GMC

All we had
Don’t come around every once in a while
But, you can’t wake the dead
I don’t want you to try

Take all the weary out of your head
Set your sad soul free
Driving around with the un-dead
Won’t win you any-peace

I died with your taste on my lips
I died with a heart full of peace
Keeping that real in your memory
Should let your heart believe

That all we said
It never changes cause love never dies
But You can’t raise the dead
Girl please hear me I don’t want you living a lie…..

All these memories
they chain you down, Kept from what you need
Don’t be surprised when you’re finally free
Love returns when you start to breathe